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Do you like to get a brand new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C within just 5 minutes?


Why buy an iPhone if you can win a free iPhone? 

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Participate in this absolutely 100% free online competition to win an Apple iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c!

If you have one the iPhone, it is 100% free, without simlock (= sim unlocked) or any contract with any provider. You are totally free to make your own choices!

The new Apple iPhone is a revolutionary GSM phone with Multi-touch Retina glass screen, GPS receiver and iPod and many other advanced space age technology. With the iPhone you can choose whatever you like to do such as browse mobile internet super fast, video calling, Skype, Whatsapp, Ping and make HD photos and videos.    



…… What is just 5 minutes of your time?

In this 100% FREE online competition!


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How does it work?

Participating is really easy! Click on the BUTTON below and follow the instructions: 

  1. You only need to answer a few questions correctly – so answer all answers correctly (this only takes about 5 minutes!)
  2. Fill in your real personal information (important for confirmation – and to send the iPhone to your real address)
  3. Confirm your registration in your e-mail inbox
  4. Want to participate more often? Yes, this possible: ask your brother, sister, friends or parents to join this competition.
  5. You can participate as many times as you want to improve your chances to win the iPhone!
  6. And perhaps are you the new owner of an Apple iPhone!


Are you younger than 18 years old? Ask your brother, sister, friends or parents to compete in this 100% FREE online competition to WIN A FREE IPHONE!


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