When is the release date? What are the features? What should we expect in iPhone 6 that wasn’t in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S? Up to this time, the contradicting factors on these questions remain mere rumors. Although our main objective on this article isn’t the release date, which has been rumored sometimes this year, last year, there we speculations that the iPhone 6 was scheduled to be released, however, to the dismay of expectations, Apple decided to release the iPhone 5S. So what is it about the release date that is baffling many?


It’s actually not about the time scheduled to make its triumphant entrance into the market but rather its specification and how it would change the communication world. Although the unveiling of the iPhone 6 has been rumored to take place during the usual unveiling of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event, which is normally considered to be taking place early June, it has also been observed that the launch, whether that time or not, will come with special goodies addressing all communication and specifications that transverse the later and the former.
What are we expecting on the iPhone 6 in terms of features? To address this issue nicely, we need to compare iPhone 6 with iPhone 5S, which is currently selling in the market as the new iPhone from Apple. It has been anticipated that iPhone 6 will come with all new design; this is because just as we observed in iPhone 3 and iPhone 5, Apple has a tendency of changing designs according to every generation of Smartphone carrying the same name. We have already addressed the concept of design, so how about the specs?
The quad-core which replaces the dual-core processor in the operating system technology has been rumored to make debut in the iPhone 6. While there are some handsets that have already introduced 5G support capabilities, it has been rumored that iPhone 6 might also support 5G technology and the price could also be differing according to the purchase made. There is the 16GB and 32GB to choose from, in addition, the ability to jailbreak this phone will allow users to install new features, a practice that has been noted in other iPhone smartphones. Generally, we expect iPhone 6 to surpass iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S in terms of features, operation and stability as well as specifications while purchasing this long awaited smartphone.


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